Minnie Mouse

Every so often I go through this phase where I tell myself I'm going to dress more like an adult. I try to control the inspiration I seed on my Tumblr; seeking bloggers and street fashion photographs that offer the moderately more mature approach to personal style I'm seeking. But inevitably after a day or two I find a photograph of a girl in a skater dress with a flower crown that I just can't resist sharing. I have my preferences after all. Part of me is rather disappointed that I backslid into this polka dotted dress worthy of Minnie Mouse, but the greater part of me doesn't really care. After all, so many rules on how to dress for your age are based on the premise that there's this right look and wrong look for people--enjoying your clothes is the only "look" I truly care about.

Outfit details:
H&M cardigan



  1. This dress is adorable, and you still look chic and sophisticated, with a youthful twist! Feeling happy and good in the clothes you wear should be the only thing that matters! :)

    xox Sammi

  2. I like that philosphy of wearing what makes you happy! And I'm not so sure this is "too young" looking for you. I think it is cute and the coat gives it a more chic twist

  3. Just darling! Loving the red polka dot dress!

  4. Awh...you look adorable. I enjoy seeing your expression through clothing. I should definitely be at an age that I concern myself with other things besides what a cute outfit someone might have on but I do enjoy seeing the vintage pairings and how you've used textiles to express yourself. Keep expressing and keep happy.

  5. I know that struggle! But you look lovely and more importantly, feel like yourself. Kudos :)


  6. This dress is totally minnie mouse like, what with the white polkadots on red and bow. If you enjoy wearing it, I don't think there should be a reason to stamp it as WRONG

  7. Super cute dress!


  8. I love this outfit although I have to admit that I'm a little biased when it comes to wearing what you enjoy and not just what feels "grown up." ;) I think about it sometimes and I really don't mind if I grow up to be the old lady who's still wearing cute prints from time to time because I think that just shows my fun loving side. I really enjoy the way you pair your outfit posts with thoughts on your philosophy regarding fashion and style. Looking back, you can tell that your fashion style has evolved over the years and there are still a few things that have remained. I feel in that way, fashion is a lot like our personality. While we grow and develop, there are still a few core things that make up what I can consider "me."

  9. I completely agree - so many of my clothes have cute peter pan collars and are probably not what I envisioned a 26 year old to wear when I was younger...but I just can't stay away! Yes, it's definitely about enjoying wearing your clothes...and not worrying too much about whether people think you dress like a child!

  10. Love this vintage dotted dress!

  11. You still look young enough to dress like that so it's ok in my book lol. The back of the dress is adorable!

  12. I know what you mean, I'm gonna be sad when I'm "too old" to wear the clothes I do now! But I totally love this dress though! It definitely looks like Minnie Mouse!


  13. This dress is adorable!Also, your sweater is great too!

    Hey, they wouldn't be making these style clothes in adult sizes if an older population weren't wearing them, right? Keep rocking what you love!


  14. Don't be silly! I don't think I will ever dress like an "adult". I am 21 and have no fear about how I will dress until I am at least 30. I basically dress like jess day from new girl. best show ever hehe youre so cute keep it up xxxxx

  15. Love the polka dot dress!! Being associated with Minnie Mouse isn't so bad! :)


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