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After reblogging one of Kate Nashing's Foudre tee shirts on my blog she dropped me an e-mail offering one--as mildly obscure fashion statements on basic tees are a complete win I responded with a quick "please and thank you." This shirt is, of course, dedicated to the one and totally awful Terry Richardson. I dislike him for many reasons. My aesthetics are much more Tim Walker than over-edited Annie Leibotwitz or the over-exposed (in more ways than one) Terry Richardson. For me that's reason enough to dislike the man; seriously how did his plain and predictable photographs become so famous? Yet visuals are only the tip of the iceberg since his behavior on set is often very creepy if not downright inappropriate (a simple Google search of his name will unearth article after article and first-hand accounts from victims). It's frustrating to me that the fashion industry continues to support someone who blatantly misuses his power. It's not the fashion I'm a fan of. Anyway, the tee is a nice, simplistic way to make my opinions clear...



  1. Your outfits are always so lovely no matter how casual they are. Quick question, what lens do you use for your outfit pictures?


  2. your sandals remind me of ones Pattie Boyd had. Also, you always take such creative portraits of yourself!

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  4. Love!

  5. I pay very little attention to mainstream I had to look Terry up. But yeah, I have to say I'm definitely not impressed with him.

  6. I Googled this dude and he honestly looks like a pedophile or some other kind of creep. The controversies surrounding him and his 'photo shoots' are enough to question his very existence [and his delusional supporters]. I can understand why you'd proudly wear a shirt expressing distaste for the man, and you look good doing so. And I love those sandals - I've been lusting over them ever since you first posted about them.

  7. Beautiful pictures! I love your cardigan, it's a great colour x

  8. Yes. I am not overly impressed with him either (understatement of the year). It boogles my mind how he can continue to get work.

    Also: you look fabulous. I love a good t-shirt. I'll have to look her up.

  9. Ha, that shirt is amazing! I, too, am seriously wary of Terry Richardson. He's a total shady creep who just got very lucky, in my opinion. To say he has a "schtick" is beyond truthful. He seems to be a representation of the sort of man I disdain. Meh. MEH!


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