Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes

The other day I spent most of my time indoors in jean shorts and a tee shirt. I had chores to do and it was quite warm, so the wardrobe made sense. Later though I was making plans to go out with friends and requested they give me a five minutes notice so I had time to throw on a dress and proper pair of shoes. My friend replied "as long as you're wearing a bra you'll be fine" but I responded, "nope this isn't the me I like to present to the world." Which sounds rather snobbish or something, but it wasn't how I like to go out even just for errands. I don't mind wearing jean shorts and a tee shirt out in public, I don't solely own them for afternoons spent vacuuming or the like, but when I have time why not put my best self forward? "Best self" is a subjective term--it will mean different things to different people. For me it doesn't necessarily mean fixing my hair (especially when I don't know any styles for it at this length!) or putting on makeup, but it does mean wearing clothing I feel confident in. It isn't based on some outdated notion that "you never know who you will meet" because it turns the attention off of dressing for yourself and it becomes dressing to attract a fairly specific other. Not my goal. But there is this "best self" idea I have--it's as much as who you aspire to be, the sort of life you'd like to leave, as the person you are and the life you like. Like dressing for the job you want on a more personal level, dressing as the girl you'd like to be. So when there's enough time and the activity won't involve drudgery then it is nice to slip on a pretty dress and proper shoes and present a seemingly "together" person to the world...


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