Some Painters Transform The Sun Into A Yellow Spot

Every time I shoot pictures for other people and get micro-managed to the point where I feel I have no control--I greatly appreciate my friends and family who help me shoot on occasion. Most of the time it's just a girl and her tripod, you know? I have a vision and I figure things out; composition, adjusting for light, balancing my desire for epic pictures with the reality that I only have 10 seconds to get into position. When people help me take pictures I'd prefer to use them as human tripods...Stand here, get this shot, can I see what you just took? Part of it is practical--I need to see the pictures to fix minor issues with hair or dress or awkward expression that other people wouldn't notice and no one else is as comfortable with my camera as I am--I have to adjust the speed of pictures or brightness manually myself. Yet, it's good to let go of total control and allow the people helping me creative freedom. They're looking through the viewfinder and are going to see things I can't see (something I have to learn to communicate when shooting for other people). Most days I'll still end up being annoying by looking at the pictures and stating "ok, this shot again but I'm going to turn my head more to the side." But I'm working on accepting creative differences. The real magic happens when you work with someone often enough that they know what you're looking for and they can direct you into it. I've got a couple of fun shoots in mind this summer that might be more effort than my usual "this is what I wore in a pretty field" sort of business. This was a spectacularly beautiful field though...

Outfit details:
thrifted jacket (similar here)
Shop Ruche wellies (old, similar here)
Zara purse
*pictures by Jon



  1. Pretty dress! and place *-*
    your pohotos are so lovely


  2. Love the shots today! Gorgeous!

  3. Interesting to hear a little bit more aobut how you take your photos- or, in this case, work with others holding the camera.

  4. I've always loved Jon's shots! :> And I do wish I have someone like that too

  5. I can say - I love your hair. I like short hair, they are beautiful.

  6. I know sometimes it can be frustrating to just use a tripod and not be able to see myself in the viewfinder. And lot of times when I have other people help me I end up using them as human tripods :p But, it is always great when you are working with someone who has a similar creative vision.

  7. What a beautiful place and an equally pretty outfit! Love these photos!

    Fang Ting

  8. Photos 2, 3, and last are my favorites. Just gorgeous-girl, flowers, field, dress.

  9. i am exactly like that, which is ironic since i spend most of my "blog time" having other people take my photos and actually do the whole tripod thing only a handful times in a year. but yes -- i usually have a specific look or vision in mind for a photo set (though certainly not as brilliant as what you come up with!) and i get pretty anal about it, even with little things like how my head is turned (like you mentioned) or how my right foot is at an awkward angle so i have to do the same shot again. i'm sure my friends and family get exhausted at the sheer OC-ness i display during outfit shoots but i think they've gotten used to it after all this time. haha.

    sorry; i meant this to be brief but alas, i tend to ramble when i relate to a fellow blogger's sentiments. also -- beautiful pictures as always, rebecca! you and jon really make a good creative team. (:

  10. Wonderful spot! I also like to take my pictures in the same place at this time, spring is the best time for that in France :)


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