Polka Dot Parade

I was recently reading that polka dots are thought to bring good luck on New Years in the Phillipines--or more accurately that round objects are thought to symbolize prosperity and as an extension of that belief polka dots are a popular pattern to wear. It's interesting since I usually picture a pile of sequins as New Years attire and polka dots as more day wear. There are so many fascinating tidbits to be learned about patterns and their sources or usages--the way one color or pattern is traditionally used in one country and the way it can be viewed entirely differently somewhere else. Anyway, I'm not sure this dress would work for as grandiose a night as NYE, but the sheer fabric with tiny gold dots is quite festive.



  1. In Brasil, greeting the new year dressed in white is supposed to bring good luck. In my own country (Portugal) one should always wear blue underwear on NYE, thus the array of blue socks, panties, bras and knickers under many a Christmas tree...

  2. That's cool--I didn't know that about the polka dots! Sequins do seem more New Years Eve, but I guess they're round so it makes sense!


  3. I never knew that! knowing that polka dots are lucky is just going to encourage me to buy even more polka dot covered clothes!
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  4. I have always loved polka dots, so the fact they are lucky (on NYE at least) is pretty great.

    Cute dress, and I love that cardi as well!

  5. I love this wooded setting you're in. It looks idyllic. Pretty images. Your outfit is lovely-very smart and feminine.

  6. What a sweet dress. I'm a sucker for polka dots and flats for that matter. Adore this simple & chic look on you!! I'll have to peek at the website love the sound of those gold polka dots, festive indeed! xo

  7. I believe that belief is strong in China, too; that round things symbolizes good luck and prosperity.

  8. Hi Rebecca! Yes, here in the Philippines, polka dots and round objects (e.g. round-shaped fruits,coins) are thought to bring luck and prosperity during New Year (influenced by the Chinese). But it's funny because I never get to have lots of polka dotted clothes/items.

    And I remember, as a kid, I was told to jump when the clock hits 12 for me to become taller. Sometimes, I still do that even though I know jumping and height are not scientifically related.;D

  9. Wow, I didn't know polka dots mean that in the Philippines. Learnt something new! :D

    Btw you look really cute in the dress!

    Sending you loads of love ♥♥♥
    See you over at BACKTOFIVE !

  10. haha, yes indeed! i never quite understood that but i grew up with that age-old superstition. around new year's you really do see a lot of filipinos dressed in spots. in fact even when i put on polka dots any time of the year i get random "happy new year" greetings (or jeers, if you will) from both friends and strangers. it used to annoy me but i've made my peace with it. (;

  11. Good to know! I'm always wearing polka dots somehow lol...I just bought a bunch of polka dot print gym clothes (really in style right now apparently!). I also really love that cardigan!


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