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This shade of blue and this shade of yellow always makes me think of Snow White...which is sort of funny since I haven't seen that movie since I was a child. It's not necessarily a bad connotation--afterall, Disney princesses are supposed to be pretty, but still it's funny how certain images stick so strongly with you. The way a basic color combination or perhaps silhouette carries such heavy connotations. I wonder too how long these connotations will persist--will the next generation grow up with Harry Potter movies, Tangled animations and not understand references to Snow White or the Wizard of Oz. This isn't to say one is superior to the other--I'm not clinging to nostalgia for the past as if my childhood was a golden era of movies, lifestyle, and story. I'm just curious if the things that felt like classics to me and even pre-dated my own birth will continue to persist or in this new digital age of speed and short attention spans they'll cease to be significant markers in popular culture.

Outfit details:
orchid hair clip (similar here)
Shop Ruche dress (sold out, similar here)
Seychelles heels (old)
Zara purse



  1. Oh, these photos are just beautiful! And this dress fits you so perfectly. I just love that shade of yellow.

    I really love how that first photo has blurs of green leaf in the top left and bottom right corners. Too lovely!

    I find that there are tons of color combos which remind me of Disney princesses... And I can't look at a light blue dress without wanting to pair it with white tights and black mary janes, hehe. :)

  2. You look really pretty in this dress! :D from ME.

  3. First, your whole outfit is just lovely.

    Second,to answer your question I think there are certain tales that are so timeless, that they appeal to every generation. The fact that Snow White is an old German tale which has been transformed in the twenty and twenty-first century is pretty miraculous and a testament to its timelessness.

  4. @Brittany PC, I agree about timelessness, but I'm more curious if the next generations will WATCH the movies or read the books that I did. They have so many other options, so it will be up to parents to pass these things along. Many parents might not choosing newer things that are more readily available...

  5. I fell in love with this dress, you look fantastic !

  6. Adorable, this color is great on you, and I love how you were able to capture the swingyness of the dress in the photo (mine always turn out blurry when I go for that)


  7. Love the way you dress, so simple and perfect.


  8. I love that dress on you (that mustard shade is an awful color for me, but it looks divine on you!) and it's adorable paired with the navy! You always look so adorable!

    xox Sammi

  9. Do you know you are on poorly dressed?


    Which isn't always a bad thing.

  10. I love that shade of yellow on you! I realized that I don't have a lot of yellow in my closet and I'm on the lookout for anything in that particular shade of yellow. I'm actually wearing a bright yellow cardigan right now, but it's bright yellow, not that soft orangy yellow like your dress.


  11. @Anonymous, ugh that's annoying. I guess women aren't allowed to dress with a sense of humor--the entire post that's from is how the skirt makes me laugh. But you know, if you dress creatively you will be criticized. Such is life.

  12. @Rebecca, obviously you are the rare person that can stand proud of being creative even though creativity will always attract critics like zombies to brains. Post like the one on "Poorly Dressed" can be seen positively, show that you are being creative, and being heard.

    Or you could just wear grey and be like me,

  13. That poem sings and so does this spring ensemble.

  14. Funny, it makes me think of Beauty and the Beast-- the ballroom scene, I think, where Belle is wearing the gold ball gown and I think the beast is wearing a navy suit jacket type thing... I could be wrong, but as you say, these are the associations we make.

  15. That dress is amazing. You always look so comfortable in your clothes, I love that. My niece has fallen completely head over heels for the Beast in beauty in the beast. We tried showing her Tangled and she wasn't having any of it- kept going "RAWRRR!" til we brought back Beauty and the beast hahah!

  16. I sometimes wonder that too- more for books than movies. I was in a first grade class the other day that didn't know who Babar or Madeline were! But in general I think for both movies and books that the really great ones (such as all the Disney films) will continue to be viewed and read. Some of the more didactic ones might fall out of favor and some "modern classics" will emerge as will a lot of newer books and movies that aren't very good. And in time those will be weeded out too.

    You look so lovely though. It gives a curvy silhouette

  17. I love that mustard coloured dress!


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