Wicked Wiles

This shade of blue and this shade of yellow always makes me think of Snow White...which is sort of funny since I haven't seen that movie since I was a child. It's not necessarily a bad connotation--afterall, Disney princesses are supposed to be pretty, but still it's funny how certain images stick so strongly with you. The way a basic color combination or perhaps silhouette carries such heavy connotations. I wonder too how long these connotations will persist--will the next generation grow up with Harry Potter movies, Tangled animations and not understand references to Snow White or the Wizard of Oz. This isn't to say one is superior to the other--I'm not clinging to nostalgia for the past as if my childhood was a golden era of movies, lifestyle, and story. I'm just curious if the things that felt like classics to me and even pre-dated my own birth will continue to persist or in this new digital age of speed and short attention spans they'll cease to be significant markers in popular culture.

Outfit details:
orchid hair clip (similar here)
Shop Ruche dress (sold out, similar here)
Seychelles heels (old)
Zara purse


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