With Familiar Glances

I've been living in Lancaster for almost a year now, but I sadly don't know the city well at all. I get lost walking to get smoothies with friends and can't find my way back without the maps on my phone, but I know dirt paths down by the river nearly as well as I know the underlined passages of my favorite novels. Quiet, narrow lanes trekked often on foot in a variety of weather--seeing the same space transformed by frost or new blooms or turning into a child's game of hopscotch avoiding puddles and mud--are so like the meandering descriptions by my favorite authors that prefer to linger on detail rather than plot and both are well-loved by me. Still there is the pang of regret when I wander a few blocks from my house and everything looks unfamiliar; my reluctance to explore within the city or new novels leaves me woefully ignorant sometimes. I hope this summer I spend less time re-reading my favorite authors and exploring abandoned barns on my own and more time wandering downtown with friends...



  1. Lovely outfit :) And I love the background! Seriously though, I think it sounds like more fun to explore abandoned barns :p


  2. I can't believe I haven't seen your blog before, I love it! Your style is fantastic and I totally know what you mean about rereading favorites rather than branching out. :)

    I just started a style blog and would love any advice you can give. :)

    Simply Attired

  3. Sounds like the best of both worlds

  4. I live in Lancaster, and since I've been following your blog since Washington it's just delightful to see one of my favorite style bloggers in some of my favorite local haunts. I'm sure you've been to the city library, but if you haven't been yet you should visit the colonial-era graveyard at the Episcopalian church next door, or have a London Fog at Square One cafe a few doors up the street. Dogstar Books, the F&M library, Chestnut Hill Cafe, POUR wine bar (they show old movies outdoors, too!), the little park behind The Pressroom on King Street, Rachel's Creperie, and Zoetropolis theatre are other favorite (if somewhat obvious) spots. Not perhaps quite as charming as the countryside- I live out in the sticks, and not-so-secretly believe that Pennsylvania woods hold some of the most beautiful (if often pastoral) sights in the world- but the city is lovely in turn. Sorry for my over-enthusiasm, but I love to have people love my city. :)

  5. I love this. I do this so often. I often feel ignorant for needing my maps app when I am in my own town, but I often do. I think that many times, I forget to appreciate the things that my town has, and I made it my goal for the summer to discover my own town. Just the other day I discovered a new bakery and a record shop that I had never noticed before. It is always nice to discover a surprise that was only lurking a few streets over.

  6. Ha, glad I'm not the only one who does this...
    I've started to set challenges for myself, to pick a random book in the library, or explore the places I've never been in the city, or do something that scares me like join an orchestra... It's hard to become more adventurous but it's ultimately very rewarding I've found.

  7. I didn't know that you lived in Lancaster! I'm just a hop skip and a jump away - I grew up in Lebanon County. My sister works in Lancaster and I love going into the city to visit her. She used to live in the country and they both are just so beautiful!

    You look lovely by the way- that sweater is adorable!



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