Basket Case

A number of stars in the 1960s  and 70s carried baskets as purses--the most well known being Jane Birkin who was often seen with a tradition Portuguese fishing or octopus basket, but the style was also favored a few times by Audrey Hepburn and others. I can't find too much about why baskets became a popular accessory except that it seems to emerge from the laidback bohemian attitude of that period. Birkin herself on personal style said it was about finding pieces that were comfortable and not caring what other people think. Of course it's interesting that both the term "bohemian" and the basket itself are appropriations from people largely ignored/left outside of fashion movements. Birkin carried a basket to appear more natural and laidback, but was living with a rock star and could literally fill it with diamonds instead of the day's catch. Still, I see the appeal of the relaxed look and attitude--if nothing it could be seen as an attempt at escapism from the distorted reality/lifestyle caused by fame.
Anyway, all this rambling to say that today when I stuffed some blooms in my purse it reminded me of a basket purse (especially when paired with my gingham dress that looks like a picnic blanket). I've been taking stem or two of wildflowers from the parks I frequent to press. I'm not quite certain what do with them once they're dried and flat--just rather curious to see how the process goes. Unfortunately, half the time I forget I picked some buttercups or lily of the valley and leave them in my car where they turn into colorful little husks in all my cup holders...


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