I Have A Girlfriend And She Is So Blue

After years of debate, I went blue...I wanted blue hair since I was little but when I was younger and bolder it was against my parents' rules and when I was older I kept chickening out...what if it ruined my hair and what if I disliked how it looked? However, in the process of growing my hair out I suppose I got bored to the point of feeling fearless and decided to just go for it instead of getting a trim. Thomas was also very encouraging which was a positive push towards the change--it's always nice to have support when you're trying something new. Anyway, after all that drama and worry I really like the color and can foresee myself as an old "blue hair" for the indefinite future--it doesn't even startle me when I look in the mirror. Definitely worth whatever "risk" it is to mess with your hair.


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