As much as I might like to, I didn't hop down to Virginia for a beach break in the middle of the week. These pictures are from a weekend trip I took to my parents house and our subsequent ventures slightly more south to the shore (posting a picture an hour from my day later this afternoon!)--all of my blog posts are a bit out of sync lately. I'm preparing for a short vacation with my sister, Elizabeth, later this summer and then an extended visit from Thomas; both I think will make me unproductive. So, between a drive to be productive and perfect weather nearly every day I'm ahead for outfit posts despite posting Saturday outfits!
Back to today's pictures: I went down to my parents because as I told my sister, "they invited me" and I wanted to show them my blue hair (they didn't really weigh in...). Anyway, since our day started quite early, I didn't put on my suit until after we got to the beach and had wandered around for awhile--it was too cool in the morning to imagine hopping in the water. The sun came out though and I laid out and got my toes damp with the rest of them. It was a perfect Saturday. 

Outfit details:
ASOS dress (old, similar here)

Cheap Monday tee (old)
UO shorts (old)


Naomi said...

Great shades of blue! You look adorable~

The Occasional Indulgence

Two Happy Hearts said...

Sooo, your blue hair is pretty much the greatest thing ever! Such a babe.
And I love your swimsuit!

Priyanka S said...

The last picture is epic:)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. the styling and lighting in the last few reminds me of the new Wildfox lookbook: http://ilovewildfox.com/iloveyouwildfox/2013/5/6/into-the-wild-fox-pre-fall-2013.html

How did you get that soft light on the beach? It makes your skin look so soft & creamy-- but I never seem to be able to replicate it with my own photos on the beach. Tips appreciated! :)

Rebekah Bradford said...

Ok, that last picture is awesome! And I just love the retro look of the swimsuit. So, I you looked amazing as a redhead, but your blue hair just gets more amazing with each post.

Mabel said...

I love your green dress. I almost went to the beach today :)

Life of Mabel

Ruby Sterland said...

Great photos, I love your different outfits! x


Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

@Anonymous, thank you and there's no trick--if it's a bright day then I have sharp shadows like the rest, but as I mentioned in the post this day started overcast and windy. So I took pictures when it was overcast and that's where the soft light is from. Otherwise try going closer to dawn or sunset.

Miss Ecl said...

You look really like a mermaid with the green dress and your blue hair :)

Anny Barros said...

Wow the pics looks so beautiful and I loved the sandals so much!


Bronté Collett said...

Ooh this beach looks lovely! I love the colour tones in these pictures, everything just seems to flow seamlessly together :)

ftashion said...

The last photo is so cute! Wish I am at a beach now.