Attention Seeking

This is my perfect "date night" outfit. Since my relationship is long distance at the moment I don't get any date nights, but Thomas will be back in town in only a week and I'll have someone to drag along with me to dawn shoots and diners afterward. Quite looking forward to doing things with him around Lancaster and beyond. Anyway, even without date nights I still really enjoy getting dolled up. Perhaps it is because I spent so many years in jeans and tee shirts and wasn't allowed to wear makeup until I was a senior in high school that now I love the ritual. I always feel better when I take more time to get ready, or enjoy the time preparing for a party as much as the event itself. Of course most days I'm sans dates and sans parties and look a bit formal. Little black dresses might be a classic, but they can still earn the odd look in today's more casual culture and look out of place at many venues where "dressed up" seems to mean dark wash denim and stilettos. But I'm less concerned with the opinions of people I don't know these days and more willing to wear clothes that make feel good even if it means standing out. I think a lot of people don't realize that attention is not the end-goal of many more extravagant dressers (of which I barely qualify). It's not just that people don't only dress in a way to appear more attractive (re: Monday's post), but in a way to make them feel more comfortable and carry some of their interests in a visual manner. Attention is often a secondary, unasked for effect to dressing creatively or slightly out of sync with current culture.

Outfit details:
Zara dress (similar here)
Zara purse



  1. gorgeous dress and i love those heels!

  2. Loving the LBD!


  3. Haha I am so beyond the point of caring what people think of me because of what I wear. Today I'm wearing a skirt and some crazy patterned tights, and tomorrow I'll probably roll out of bed and stick on jeans and a tshirt. Who cares what people think? It's all about what makes you feel best. (Also I'm sorry to hear about your long distance relationship ... my boyfriend and I had to go long distance for the first year of college and it was tough. I wish you the best of luck! :)

  4. This dress is so cute!! It fits you perfectly. I love the gold on the heels too!

  5. Those stilettos are hawt! I too feel better when I "put myself together." Even if I have nowhere special to go, dressing up makes me feel ready to take on the world!

  6. Little black dresses are so perfect. I own three of varying lengths and styles. I usually opt for flats instead of silletos, but yours are so fabulous I may have to give them another go.

    xx Abby

  7. This is definitely the perfect date night outfit. I love the coat.

    Wardrobe Quarry

  8. I've tried explaining this very concept to my fiance multiple times. I love getting dressed up, wear dresses, cute shoes, lots of jewelry and accessories. Mostly vintage or vintage inspired. Sometimes my outfits come off as a little more sexy than I originally planned. People probably think I'm attention grabby, but like you said, that's not the reason I dress the way I do. I look at women I admire (usually women from the past), see their styles and experiences...and for some reason incorporating some of that into my outfits makes me feel stronger and more confidant. Like the women themselves. Who cares if others don't get it as long as we're doing what makes us happy! :)

  9. Beautiful outfit! I really like how you accessorized it.



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