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My summer uniform again--there really is nothing so perfect as a lightweight dress, shrunken denim jacket, and easy accessories. I bought three new denim jackets this summer (via the web) and returned all of them before narrowing my search down to children's stores. Even the petite section at my favorite shops were selling "oversize fit" denim jackets, which I find quite ludicrous--that is the fit I expect when I buy from the regular section. I wanted something very close to my frame that would hit near my actual waist. So, I finally turned to the children's sections and scoured this lovely piece. The sleeves are short (which I like) and I can still button it up if need be; it's the exact fit I was searching for. Although quite short I wouldn't buy all of my clothes from the children's section since they are cut differently, but the odd sweater or jacket makes a nice addition to my closet.



  1. Me too! I love the look of cropped denim jacket paired with a cute Summery dress during the Summer days! Love your dress and bag, by the way :) You are perfection!!!

  2. That purse is just adorable!


  3. That is a cool pattern on your dress :) And I love the purse!

  4. Love the outfit of the summery (and amazing rachel antonoff!) dress with the short denim jacket! I have scored some pieces also in Zara kids ;)

    The cat, you and us

  5. This is super cute! I've never thought about shopping in the children's section, but this jacket looks great on you!

  6. I used to hate denim jackets but seeing you in that summer staple has inspired me to incorporate denim jacket in my outfits. Even if you have to search in the children's section, you're still lucky you scored that one. It fits you perfectly. Your denim jacket+dress+sandals uniform gives a cool and effortless chic vibe. Love it!

  7. i love how you've been throwing on a denim jacket in a lot of your recent posts, and yet each look is fresher and more adorable than the last. it just doesn't get old (but perhaps that is why it is called a classic, no?). <3

  8. Love these lovely sandals! And this haircolor really suits you =)

    Ps: i'm doing a fashion-related survey for my MSc dissertation, 5 mins, much much help ♥

  9. I buy almost all of my blazers from the little boys department at thrift stores or department stores. I have such small shoulders that even petite women's blazers rarely fit me. I thought of you when I went into the Crew Cuts store recently- I ended up with a denim jacket meant for little girls.

  10. I really love how casual this look is! The detailing on your purse is amazing, too.


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