I developed the hiccups while taking these pictures and since the lake was very quiet at dawn (aside from a couple of honking geese) I'm convinced the fishermen who were nearby thought I was some strange drunk girl wandering around the lake after a crazy night. Hardly. I have no desire to pull a modern day Ophelia. My evenings have been very preoccupied lately so I've been getting up before dawn to enjoy that soft light and capture some of the dissipating fog (besides the fact that if I go later in the day the heat is nearly unbearable for extensive outdoor walks). Isn't it beautiful how as the sun progressed higher into the sky it turned the trees almost autumnal-looking?



  1. You look really happy wearing your Wellies in the lake, I want to pull my Wellies on and join you.

  2. These pictures are lovely and I adore your outfit! The fog is beautiful! How funny that the fisherman probably thought you were drunk!
    Sincerely, Sara

  3. Haha, don't you just hate when you get hiccups at random times! Anyways, adorable outfit and I love the pictures of you standing in the water!

  4. What a fun outfit! Rainboots are the best!

  5. You look like a manga character like that with your hair , your boots , in the water.

  6. Funny about possibly being mistaken for a crazy drunk girl! These photos of you wading in the lake are fantastic.

  7. What a cute photoshoot and outfit! That was a funny story, I always feel awkward doing shoots myself unless I'm in my backyard, because people look at me like I'm a weirdo :P



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