Travel: Iceland's Ring Road, Road Trip

On our vacation in Iceland just as lovely as the stops recommended to us by guide books were the places alongside the road that we pulled off to explore briefly on foot. On these little excursions we met friendly dogs eager to play, peeked inside of old moss-covered buildings, and met a few "emo horses"--the wind made my hair looked quite similar by the end of the day. There was even a lovely field of yellow flowers stretching toward the horizon that we (and several other tourists) pulled off to take a few pictures of. As so often on trips it is these spontaneous moments that end up being the most memorable.

Outfit details:
sunglasses c/o Modcloth (sold out, similar styles)
thrifted skirt (similar here)



  1. Another gorgeous set of photographs...! Those horses are adorable and I love how you called them emo ;3

    The more I see of your hair the more I love it, and those shoes are really the cutest :D


  2. These photos really swept me away - what a magical place!

    I love how "at one" you are with the scenery. <3

  3. You look like a creature from a fairytale, in that landscape, with your green hair!

  4. I love the horse's hair :) It's all so beautiful. I almost didn't spot the dog in that first photo.

  5. I saw some similar horses in Ireland, and I loved the wildness of it all. These horse photos are gorgeous and similarly wild. Also, I remember how effing excited I was when my pixie cut was finally long enough to put into a ponytail (albeit with copious bobby pins) -- are you excited? :) xx Abby

  6. The horse are beautiful, place and you outfits.. all of photos are stunning.. Loveeee it!


  7. You are lucky to see scenery like this in person. Looks like a lovely place to visit :)

  8. Utterly amazing photos! Can't wait to see more! Enjoy the trip!


  9. Your sweater, the sea, the horses
    All are lovely

  10. Love these photos! Such a beauty! Thank you for sharing :)

    House cleaning London

  11. love that sweater!


  12. Beautiful! I lived in Iceland for half a year, check out my blog if you want :)

  13. Iceland looks awesome! It reminds me of "Middle Earth"I want to live there and build a Shire lol. I also love how you called them "emo horses" I call Scottish cows that because they also have the long forelocks.

  14. Iceland is my dream destination! I feel like so much magical art and music comes from there; can't be coincidence. Living vicariously through your gorgeous photos! Also, I have to mention that your hair is the prettiest hue right now!


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