Sunday Remix

Decided to shoot a quick summer remix for my favorite Samantha Pleet dress. In some ways it's easier to do remixes in the fall or winter--you have more layers to work with and won't suffocate just because you added a hat or scarf. Still, I like the idea of changing a dress with just a few simple accessories and working with more limitations. Also, since I dyed my hair I basically just want to wear all the blue/green clothes...



  1. pretty color!
    photos are shoting in forest?

    i like the shoes in 3th photo (:

  2. #purplepearleyes : The last pic style made me giggle. I really love the pairings.!.!.! :)hearts.

  3. Your hair looks amazing with that dress :) And I just love the pattern. as much as I really don't like the Fall and Winter it is easier to do remixes then :)

  4. I really love the monochromatic palette on you. It looks fantastic with your hair. Your blog is so aesthetically pleasing - you do a great job with evoking mood in your photos. I'm glad I found you!

  5. that dress is incredible! yeah, remixes are kinda hard without layers/tights, but you did a great job as always.

    love the new hair color!

  6. That's a really lovely dress! I love the way the skirt of it is done.

    Here layering is kind of impossible ;_; Now we're on winter, and it's so tough that I can't wear over knee socks. And during spring and summer, forget about it, it's too hot for them! Maybe during the first weeks of summer I can wear them, but not so much after that!

  7. That navy blue skirt is gorgeous! Is it still available for purchase? :)

  8. layers are impossible here in the summer, even w/ a vest I was dying, but actually in the office i'm cold haha. I LOVED this post though, i love how you made completely diff looks in all these w/ a few simple layers, super inspirational!
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