Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears The Crown

I don't want every post to be about my new hair color, but it has been interesting figuring out what colors clash with it and which still look ok. This dress was one of my favorites to wear last summer and I was a bit sad thinking it would look bad with my hair and I'd have to retire it for awhile, but as I started to look at accessories I decided I could make it work. My hair tends to look more green than blue when paired with these colors, so it all ended up complimenting each other rather nicely. It was also fun to spend a day dressed more fanciful than I have lately. If I ever stumble across the right materials I'd love to make a collection of flower crowns and headbands using vintage silk flowers and velvet leaves--this vintage fascinator is just my favorite thing and it'd be fun to create more in the same style. Until I make my own I'll keep scouring Etsy for fun vintage hats.

Outfit details:
vintage fascinator (similar style here)
Free People dress (old, similar style here)
Nine West heels (old)
Lulu*s purse (old)
*pictures by Jon



  1. What a unique look!! You look like a fair nymph from the forest in A Midsummer Night's Dream!

  2. you look lovely!!! the hair looks great with your dress! also what camera/lens do you use? it looks like straight from a magazine! love!


  3. The colors of the dress completely work with your hair color. It has a nice earthy feel to it. I think this is definitely one to keep in the rotation!


  4. @Lizette, thank you! These were taken with a Mark II and 85mm lens.

  5. I actually think this is my favorite color combo with your new hair! It looks like someone designed those shoes specifically with your outfit and color choices in mind.

  6. this entire look is stunning! Those heels and this dress are the perfect pair!


  7. These must be THE best pictures ever in this blog. The colour of your hair paired with that dress and the accessories, plus the surroundings, I mean, can we talk about how gorgeous that bridge is? It does make me think of a professional editorial work for an european fashion mag. Must I say I really loved this??

  8. Pretty outfit!! I think it can be tough to decide what goes with hair color and what clashes. When I had red hair, I felt like nothing looked right, so I wore a lot of black. I think your hair looks cool with all of these colors.

    Life of Mabel

  9. This look is so stunning! And what dreamy photos - that location is unreal.
    Absolutely gorgeous! I love your new hair colour, too. It suits you!

  10. You look so pretty <3 And yeah, you hair looks green in the pictures :P But still love it <3

  11. Mauve and emerald looks beautiful together. :) I've been lusting over navy blue hair for a couple years but I've dyed my hair black about 2934793248327 times. It will never happen. lol

  12. Everything about this set of photos is perfect! Your dress, your hair, the accessories, the locations just ah! Perfection. <3

  13. I love everything about this look! Just amazing! I got some millinery flowers at an estate sale recently, and I'd love to get my hands on some velvet leaves! Headpieces, while not always practical for everyday wear, are one of my favorite things.

  14. I'm amazed by how similar (if not equal) the color of your bag is ^^.

  15. I love the way the colours of this look ended up together and I can't get enough of those shoes!

  16. Your hair does look a bit greener in these photos, but still gorgeous. I love that vintage fascinator too! So beautiful with the dress!

  17. always love your photos :* amazing blog ^^


  18. I feel like this shade of green can go with just about anything. It looks amazing next to your rosy hued dress!

  19. you are pulling off that color of hair better than anyone I've ever seen! It is even making me think of coloring my hair!

  20. I absolutely adore this outfit, the color is so very lovely and that vintage fascinator is quite the gem!


  21. That dress is adorable!


  22. Beautiful outfit! I love the shoes, wish I was good at walking in heels...

    Jess xx


  23. This dress is so pretty paired with your new hair color! I just love how Sailor Mercury-ish your hair is lately. It's wonderful!


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