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Your hometown is different when you have guests from out of town visiting, no? Technically, Lancaster isn't my hometown if I can give any town that label, but it's where I'm living now and Thomas is my out of town visitor. I never really understand a lot of hometown or state pride...I've only lived in one state straight for three years and I'm usually dead bored with my area before that time arrives. I have a really hard time imagining living anywhere long term. However, visitors bring a new perspective by either seeing places you didn't spot on your own or creating fresh memories in places that have grown monotonous. On an errand run with him he spotted a mini golf course and convinced me on the detour. He got hit with my club (an accident, I promise) for his troubles but we have a good time laughing and putting around for a bit. Anyway, he's making Lancaster much more interesting right now.



  1. I love that spark in the eye of someone I'm introducing to my city and showing them around for the first time, especially when I take them to my special spots that are not on the usual tourist go-to list.

    Also, that dress is absolutely adorable! Sadly, even on sale it's way out of my budget. I'm gonna have to try to sew it someday :).

  2. This whole outfit is so pretty. I live in a coastal town and whales come right up to the beach during summer. It's amazing with or without visitors.

  3. That dress is SO cute!! :)
    And yay mini golf!


  4. How cute :)
    I'd love to see a photo of you both on here (?)

  5. you look adorable! that dress is stunning!


  6. We live in a tourist (Western/ natura area) area and definitely get that. Actually, just blogging and finding different backdrops gets me to appreciate what is around my own home so much more.

    Ironically, every time I've been abroad I've seen something about my home area, usually quite specifically. Buffalo Bill Toys and comics in both Paris and Venice (The man founded my hometown), and photographs by Ken BLackbird in the British museum and he's a colleague of my father. That sort of thing. Western wear stores in Prague and cowboy street artists in Rome, and teepees in unsuspecting places. It is nice in its own way as a reminder that you live somewhere exotic to somebody, even when things seem really dreary!

    You look so lovely and darling in that outfit. Inspiring us to have a charming day.

  7. love that cardigan!



  8. Showing someone around your hometown is always more fun than wandering around all alone. Plus I always seem to discover new things when I have a reason to be out and about and show people around.

    Anyway, this dress looks absolutely perfect on you! It's so flattering and pretty.

  9. This is your color girl! I love this hue on you! Its like Blueberry and Caramel

    It is nice to show someone around because you get a fresh perspective and the ordinary becomes extraordinary like going on a new adventure right in your back yard! Of course it also helps to live somewhere beautiful!

  10. You're glowing and looking so pretty!

  11. The flow and the fit of that dress is amazing! ♥.

    I think I know what it feels like, even though I've never had anyone from outside of the country to tour around. But basically hen my friend and I hang out together it almost feels like an adventure and everything seems different, hahaha!

  12. It's nice having people to show around town. I really enjoyed having my cousins over from the States. We'd do all the touristy stuff we wouldn't normally do or never have done (and I've lived here in Sydney, Australia all my life!) I guess it's just one of those things.

    Anyhow, I really like the silhouette of this dress. It looks so pretty! (Since seeing your Family Affairs Overboard Coat, I've been keeping an eye out on their pieces and really love their style!)

  13. that dress is just so adorable! And that cardigan is great!


  14. Just stumbled upon your blog from Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky sharing your recent post on attention-receiving. I love that you're residing in Lancaster - I'm from York, went to school in Lancaster and now live in New Mexico! I love catching glimpses of home. I just had a friend here from PA yesterday and loved getting to show her the desert.


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