Hometown Tourist

Your hometown is different when you have guests from out of town visiting, no? Technically, Lancaster isn't my hometown if I can give any town that label, but it's where I'm living now and Thomas is my out of town visitor. I never really understand a lot of hometown or state pride...I've only lived in one state straight for three years and I'm usually dead bored with my area before that time arrives. I have a really hard time imagining living anywhere long term. However, visitors bring a new perspective by either seeing places you didn't spot on your own or creating fresh memories in places that have grown monotonous. On an errand run with him he spotted a mini golf course and convinced me on the detour. He got hit with my club (an accident, I promise) for his troubles but we have a good time laughing and putting around for a bit. Anyway, he's making Lancaster much more interesting right now.


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