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I default to dresses so often because as a petite person it's hard to find separates that fit well. Blouses especially. They always seem to have the most awkward fits. Even this one is too long, too big in the arm holes, and a bit billowy, but all that I'll endure for the cute print! Hopefully I'll also get a chance to set my sewing machine up before summer's over and do some simple tailoring myself. I go to a tailor for more complicated fixes, but I'm really missing having access to my own sewing machine for more reasonable alterations. I heard that celebrities get everything tailored--even their most basic tee shirts and jeans. It's the main downside I find to "fast fashion" compared to the smaller wardrobes fitted to the individual that past generations worked with. Generic sizes rarely fit anyone well and having clothing that suits your shape makes all the difference in the world; both in appearance and comfort. Anyway, the print on this top was too cute to resist and I really like the large, sailor collar as well. With a few adjustments I'm sure this will become a well-worn addition to my wardrobe.

Outfit details:
Crew Cuts jacket
thrifted skirt (similar here)
sandals c/o Modcloth (sold out, similar)
*pictures by Thomas



  1. love that blouse. too cute. I had to do a double-take on that first picture because you almost look like kaylah from the dainty squid! Your hair does look very cute this way btw. it looks like it's growing out well :)


  2. i love you blog and style!
    is very cute! kisses from Mexico! :)

  3. you are such a cutie :) and first picture is amazing

  4. I keep thinking I should go ahead and start tailoring more of my pieces that will last too...

    You look great in that print.

  5. That blouse is so cute!! Too bad it's awkward fitting, hopefully you can get a sewing machine soon! :)

  6. You look amazing! Could I ask, if green hair is your own, or it's a wig? I like dramatic hair colour, but I've never had the courage for it :)

  7. Love the collar & pattern on this shirt. It's definitely something I could see myself wearing.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  8. it is hard. i'm 5'1, around 100 pounds. sometimes i'll go to a store and won't fit even a 0. other times i'm a 2. i'm also chesty, at a 30F, so a lot of clothes end up being too revealing on my short torso yet big chest. it's pretty upsetting. at 28, i want to shop in the contemporary womens, but size wise i'm better suited for the bloody juniors :(

    i'm working on learning to sew myself...we'll see how that goes!

  9. You are soooo adorable ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥

  10. I think I definitely saw that blouse in an episode of Pretty Little Liars recently. It's awesome! And I love the nail color paired with it. Adorable.


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