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There's something about knee socks or even thigh highs that are so much nicer than tights. I suppose it's the free-er feeling; both lacking the tummy-squeezing tights inevitably cause (even as a frequent tights-wearer, I'm always happy to shed them and go bare-legged in the spring). The downside of course is the constant need to pull up socks and deciding on the perfect height to begin with; under the skirt to give the illusion of tights or pulled high with a slim line of leg left visible? Anyway, these socks were a welcome layer on one of the cooler days Lancaster has experienced lately. Although I don't think Fall is on the way yet. There will be many more hot and melting days before the leaves start to change and tights with socks layered on top become a necessity. Which I'm glad about since I enjoy bare skin free of layers--despite my paleness. Thomas amused me the other day by asking "how did you get to be so pale?" It was amusing because this was coming from a Northern Irish boy (a country notoriously rainy and a people notoriously pale) and because I consider this skin tone my natural state (not something I "get" to be by any effort). I once had a slight tan when I lived in Hawaii and worked there for a summer spending a good deal of my day outdoors and rather awful tan lines from that as well...But otherwise, my skin likes to be this shade and despite my bare shoulders I barely get any color in summer. Sunscreen is obviously a necessity for extensive periods of time outdoors, but that's about avoiding a burn. Looking like an overcooked lobster never seems to be on anyone's inspiration board.

Outfit details:
ASOS dress (old, similar)
vintage belt
Zara purse
*pictures by Thomas



  1. I simply love these tights!

    The print is quite delicious, and they seem to be lax, allowing you to move and saunter around.

    Great choice!

  2. Love the print on your socks! yeah, I like knee highs so much better than tights...but sometimes it's so cold tights are necessary :/

  3. Nice socks. Such a cool look. Your skin is luminous.

  4. lovely lovely outfit!
    ~niki <3

  5. Thank you Rebecca, for wearing socks in and of itself and for wearing printed ones at that. I was personally stumped as to how to wear printed socks that I have acquired over time without looking too childlike as well as how to wear them without looking like you're wearing a uniform. It inspires me and I am well beyond schoolgirl age, but I still want to be a little tongue-in- cheek with my wardrobe. You knocked my socks off (sorry, couldn't resist!) with yet more lovely images.

  6. gorgeous! love that belt, too.



  7. This is one of my favorite outfits of yours lately. I love the pattern on your socks and your heavy duty belt.
    Even though thigh high socks, which I've been calling "sassy socks" since high school, have been a favorite of mine for a long time, I haven't really been feeling great about wearing them lately. But this post is changing my mind!

  8. Printed socks are better than tights for sure, but I've only just gotten to be a fan of either in the last year or so. I'm part Italian so I absorb sun quickly and can go from white to brown in a day. My tanlines linger as well, which can be frustrating.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  9. Always been a huge fan of all of your work! This outfit is so gorgeous. Also- the blue hair is killer! I wish I could pull it off like you're able to!

    - Jaime, http://astylemisfit.blogspot.ca/

  10. I mean, you're pale, but not any paler than the average Northern Irish tourist in Spain!

    I've always been pale too. Living in bright sunny climes in recent years has had me building up a bit of a tan (walking or riding a bike for 15 minutes twice a day, and spf 50 at the beach).

    And bare legs are the. best.

  11. You look so pretty and I love your shoes :) I live in Southern Cali where there is a lot of pressure to be tan and people can make you feel self-conscious if you have pale skin. That being said, I really enjoy seeing pictures of bloggers who embrace their paleness and I've realized that being pale is beautiful too.

  12. Hi Rebecca,

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    I am sending you this message as we would like to feature you.

    If you're interested, please reply to this message so that I can send you an email to discuss further.

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  13. Tights and shoes are my favourite! :)


  14. Très sympa ton blog et surtout ton style décalé ! Je ne pensais pas que les cheveux bleus pouvaient rendre aussi bien ;)


    Very nice your blog and especially your quirky style! I do not think blue hair could make it as well;)




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