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Previous outfit post links one and two. Previous outfit posts links one and two. Previous outfit post links one and two. Previous outfit posts links one and two.
Previous outfit posts links one and two.

Here's a little fall or winter to spring or summer remix. I'm often told it isn't practical for me to wear dresses in winter, but every year I manage alright. The trick isn't even so much layering, but recognizing how much time you spend outside. My lifestyle doesn't really call for extensive hikes through the woods and if you're passing from the heated indoors to another building with just a brisk walk outside you can usually manage in dresses and tights. Anyway, slight tangent from the point of this post which is: remixing based on season. Nearly all of my dresses get worn in every season so it's nice to show how they look both layered and worn more simply.



  1. I don't usually mix spring/summer and fall/winter clothing, unless it's a denim jacket. I love wearing denim jackets everywhere I go :)
    I really like how you layer and remix clothes, you inspired me to try it. Will see how it'll go :)


  2. Gorgeous outfits. You have great girly style. Especially love the short hair, suits you so much!

    Currently giving away MAC's listick Ruby Woo on my blog if you want to check it out? :) ♥

  3. i love this remix post! i know how much you enjoy summer dressing and while i do swoon at all your lovely pictures from the season, my favorites are still your layered, autumn/winter posts. i seriously feel like i could - and would! - wear every single one of them.

    now if i could just get our tropical climate to switch up to four seasons... (:

  4. I love wearing floral and summery dresses into the fall and winter. One of my favorite photos from this group is the one of you with the coat and red hat.
    xx Abby | <a href="</a>

  5. These are all brilliant and inspirational

  6. I love wearing dresses in the winter! I agree, it totally depends on your outside lifestyle. I rarely ever go outside in the winter unless its to class, so why not wear a dress?

  7. You are absolutely adorable and supercute! I love wearing dresses throughout all seasons and this will act as my inspiration this winter :)

    Visit me @

  8. I love the pixie cut on you !!

  9. the fourth dress is my fave!


  10. I wear dresses all winter long now that I've found the holy grail of winter layering: fleece lined tights. The only ones I've found come in solid black, but you can sneakily layer another color tight on top of them, which (added bonus) adds another layer of warmth. Also, they are super comfy and don't ever get too hot. I wear them under pants in winter months too. This discovery has seriously changed my life and made it to where I can wear most of my clothes year round. I hope it helps you out too!

  11. i am the same. i'm usually caught wearing a dress (i only own one pair of jeans) and like to wear my "summer" dresses in the winter with tights. tights, boots, scarf and a dress work just fine here in Alabama during the winter (doesn't get THAT cold).


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