I feel like the closest I get to a tomboy is "tomboy-ish;" it's all in the "ish" for me. I might manage to get up at dawn to explore the Great Outdoors but I'm usually safely back in some air conditioned container before noon and have never cooked a meal over an open flame. I might even carry a backpack and wear an army green jacket, but these are likely to be piled on top of a ridiculously fluffy white dress with lace detail. A sort of a "close but no cigar" scenario when it comes to my more boyish tendencies. I wouldn't mind being a tomboy; having a high opinion of those more capable at sports or general outdoor survival, but while I don't see myself as a girly-girly I can't quite escape my penchant for dresses and desire to escape all things green after a vicious ant bite...

Outfit details:
Zara jacket (similar here)
Shop Ruche dress (sold out, similar here)
vintage belt
vintage shoes
Rebecca Minkoff backpack (old, similar here)


Carla Cee said...

that dress! i die.

Carla Cee

Rebekah Bradford said...

I find it funny that the way I dress is usually very girly, but I am definitely more of a tomboy in personality. What's funnier is that one of my best friend's dresses very much like a tomboy but it at heart a girly-girl. Anyways...I love this outfit. And the belt is pretty awesome!

Chelsea Elizabeth said...

Id say Im just about the same way! Im a little bit tomboy-ish but could never give up my love for dresses. That and I LOVE being outdoors and hiking an dsuch, but I probably dont have nay outdoor survival skills haha

Rachael // The Paraders said...

I love mixing tomboy style + vintage style! You pull it off perfectly!


Maggie Stevenson said...

Love this look! Perfect.

Mostly Lisa said...

I mean, you just look perfect.

Mostly Lisa

Is It Secret, Is It Safe said...

Great outfit! I always feel like a tomboy on the inside, but I also have a love of dresses and general fanciness. Maybe that's to balance each other out? I dunno!


Kristian said...

What a delightfully poofy dress!


you look lovely! :)

MarieBayArea said...

Cute jacket and shoes. The dress is divine.

Mani said...

I absolutely love how you styled that dress! I think the boyish details make it look so much more wearable :)

Kailey said...

Eeek your posts have been SO consistently incredible lately....! I'm completely in love with this outfit - I have quite a few poofy dresses that I've been meaning to figure out how to style them to dress it down a bit - and this post has given me so many ideas! You are incredible!