Into The Rose-Garden

A couple of days before Thomas flew home we drove down to my parents' house, stopping at this botanical garden along the way to make the drive seem less long and the day more fun. (Yes, poor Thomas had the misfortune of dealing with the whole "meeting the parents" both on his arrival and exit from the States this trip.) There were loads of flowers in bloom and we even had the fortune of spying an odd and beautiful hummingbird bee. I always admire the pretty manicured beds in botanical gardens; it's a pristine state I could never duplicate in my own home. I don't have patience with yard work and usually forget to water potted plants, even when specifically requested to "plant sit" for a couple of weeks...Anyway, it doesn't take a green thumb to appreciate a nice garden; in fact it's probably someone who know how impossible it is to achieve for themselves that appreciates it the most. We always want what we can't have, no?


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