Jill Stuart Spring 2014

I'm not much of a trend forecaster (I mean I thought Dancing with the Stars wouldn't last one season...), but that as much has to do with my interest in fashion only being personal. I'm not an editor for a magazine who needs to be able to speak knowledgeably about many designers and sift through hundreds of collections for reoccurring themes--I (and the rest of the world) tend to focus on what I like. Browse a magazine and don't see any interesting pictures? Return it to the shelf. Look at a massive list of collections on Style.com and only click on the designers you know are your style. Still, you'd have to be half-blind to fail to notice this fashion week that "black and white" is a big trend for spring. It's a slightly odd one since spring tends to be more colorful and in some ways, rather boring because winter is so often dominated by black anyway, but there are interesting interpretations of it. One such case was Jill Stuart; black and white was down in pretty slip dresses that hardly looked as if they belonged outside of a bedroom and black lace dresses that looked breezy enough to wear in full summer heat.


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