The Great Escape

Fashion is both a form of escapism, one of many. We escape from reality with trashy television, short vacations to places we can't afford live full time, we live a thousand lives in novels and in the end we return to our normal lives. If you've been following my Instagram or Twitter you know I've been in New York for fashion week; visiting designer studios in Brooklyn, attending shows in Lincoln center, bumping into old friends from out of town and generally living a fashion fantasy, but after a few incredibly overheated subway rides and a more comfortable train ride I am home in Pennsylvania once again. It was a strange sort of escapism for me to be in the city. Of course it's not all a fantasy, even though I wore flats my feet were killing me at the end of a day hurrying from one thing to another, I got lost in the subway system more times than I care to count, and despite planning outfits in advance I often still felt like the least stylish person in the room...and was often the shortest. Still, life is a good different in New York, a few years ago I never would have imagined being allowed to attend fashion week or any of the madness that goes along with it. And at the end of the week it's all over; my carriage becomes a pumpkin, my pretty "gowns" (and hair) so commonplace in New York transforms into something out of place and the fairy tale ends. At least temporarily. Perhaps one day I'll figure out how to engage in fashion on a more active and regular basis offline aside from putting clothes on my back. I need to practice my photography on other subjects, create more, and so on. "They" always say you should try to turn the hobbies you escape to in your occupation. Strive, strive, strive. And hope things align to visit fashion week next season too.



  1. You seem to be well on your way in terms of turning a hobby into a profession!

    On a different note, the embroidery on that dress makes me swoon. Embroidery is one of my favorite things to look at, do, think about. . . I especially love it because it's a traditionally feminine art form. Whenever I do some embroidery or wear it, I feel like I'm honoring all the women from years gone by whose artistic contributions weren't recognized because they were in the form of "women's work".

    A little sappy, perhaps, but it makes me feel good =P

  2. What a beautiful dress!


  3. I love your style more than professional models. You are so fresh. Your photographs are so beautiful. I have a dslr camera but I still can't blur the back ground.

  4. I'm often thinking about style and fashion and I came to conclusion that these are similar but two different things. I don't think that all the people who wear fashionable things are stylish. It's easy to buy stuff you see in the magazine and put them on. The important thing is finding your own style, still using fashionable items but find the inspiration to put them together by yourself. And that's why I follow yours and some other blogs, that's why I decided to make my own blog. Maybe I don't look fashionable in many people's eyes, but I enjoy creating my own style and this is all that matters :) Lovely dress by the way :)

  5. @Victoria, the background blur is a result of a prime camera lens--I use an 85mm lens.

  6. That dress is straight out of a fairy tale

  7. Very interesting post. I've often thought about that. Escapism is a fascinating subject. On that note, the "gown" your wearing is absolutely beautiful!

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  9. i love this outfit! i like how you wear denim jackets with summer dresses, nice juxtaposition. i've been following your blog for years now and just started my own, it would mean a lot to me if you checked it out!

    -jenny d.

  10. @Jenny, thank you! ps your blog is open only to invited readers, so I couldn't visit it when I tried.


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