Apples Of Gold In Pictures Of Silver

Lately, all of my posts come to you from the heart of apple country in Northern Ireland. Thomas's family owns an orchard so while I'm visiting him I'm cozily nestled in a working farm and enjoying apple tart with ice cream on a near daily basis (which is delicious although you feel a bit undeserving as you eat it while sitting beside people who spent all day picking apples). A shoot in the orchard was obviously a necessary task and there were both Bramley and Katy apples to color my backdrop. In this area I feel quite spoiled for locations to shoot for the blog, but the orchard has been one of my favorite visits so far. I really enjoy the twisting little trees and lovely smell in the air...

Outfit details:
H+M cardigan (similar)
slip dress (old, similar)
*pictures by Thomas



  1. How appropriate, the little apple core necklace!!!!

  2. All the Northern Ireland backdrops you've been photographing have me really wanting to pay a visit. And your outfits have been inspiring me to embrace autumn, which is a good thing, since I usually mourn summer until spring time comes around.

  3. You look so cute and comfy! I have that same apple core necklace, or at least a really similar one, in silver. I also enjoyed the cameo appearance by the ladybug! =)

  4. Sweet pictures and a great look. :)

  5. What a beautiful orchard. :) the necklace fits well with the given situation haha.

  6. According to Wikipedia, the specific variety of Bramley apples you've seen in Northern Ireland is called the Armagh Bramley from County Armagh. Just a little curious fact I went online and found out! Your pics are lovely as usual and those aplles coloring remind me of ripe mangoes.

  7. love that green cardigan!


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