Corn Maze

For all of the red farmhouses, endless fields of corn, and even Amish buggies I pass on a daily basis I certainly don't post many pictures with that iconic rural backdrop, but while I often appreciate the view I have a lot of respect for private property signs. If a farmer doesn't want me stomping in his field regardless of how little long-term impact I think my pictures would have, I stay away. Still there are a couple of fields bordering public parks that host the odd dog walker or child pursuing a lost ball that are fair game for a couple of quick pictures and careful footsteps. Who can resist such an iconically fall setting as a corn field on the cusp of October? I probably shouldn't admit this either, but despite my location I haven't gone on a hayride or gotten lost in a corn maze either...

Outfit details:
thrifted belt
Zara purse



  1. Love the location- so perfect for fall! Alex

  2. This summer we went to a road trip along California/Arizona and now I regret not stopping to get some pics in one of the awesome corn fields we saw. It feels a little bit like a candid portrait of an strange, I'm shy to take them (one man even got mad with me in a restaurant because he thought I was taking him a pic while I was in fact only framing his hand holding a glass of wine!) but sometimes it just worths it :)

  3. Love your pattern mixing in this outfit :)

  4. I love the scarf!! The color is perfect for fall!


  5. beautiful scarf!


  6. Love the scarf, and nice location! There aren't any cornfields to take pictures in where I live...


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