Gosford Park

The name Gosford Park conjures up images of the murder mystery film of the same name that plays rather like a game of Clue. A precursor to Downton Abbey it highlights some of the differences between the upstairs residents and downstairs servants over the course of weekend shooting party. It's a very entertaining romp and my first association when Thomas mentioned this park near his home sharing the name that is even home to a grand castle one could imagine the events of the film unfurling inside of. The grounds around the castle are open to the public and there are miles of trails to explore some featuring unique structures like a walled garden and other stone structures in various degrees of neglect being reclaimed by nature in the form of creeping vines and diminutive bats--or at least there seemed to be a few of the latter hanging from the eaves of this building. Still, if every man's home is his castle then perhaps every proper dress can make a woman feel like a queen? All to say, I thought my new-to-me vintage dress suited the more majestic settings.
Outfit details:
Puloma hair clip
vintage dress
*pictures by Thomas


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