Pictures lately have been an art dodging that rather famous Irish rain you typically picture this region having. Still, when you're only in a new place for a limited period in time you want to go exploring even on the most miserable days weather-wise. So, despite stormy skies I still got to see Parkanaur Manor House and spot some of it's rare white deer from a distance. The rain didn't let up once but I was still impressed with the majesty of the place--definitely suitable surroundings for my new dress and ridiculously wonderful unicorn clutch. The clutch just barely holds my phone, money, and other essentials and thankfully, it kept them all dry! I see a horse when I look at the clutch, so I'm considering this another addition to my collection of horse-centric clothes. I'm rather excited to use it when I go back home just to see the reactions my friends will give me when we go out...

Outfit details:
Zara coat (similar)
*pictures by Thomas



  1. It looks like a horse to me too--the point looks more like ears than a horn. I love that you kinda matched your surroundings! That's some next-level style expertise =P

  2. Perfect all black (with a golden touch) outfit with the location and weather! I also see a horse in the pretty clutch, it is a keeper that one! :)

  3. that dress is so cool! everything about this look is simple perfect :)


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  4. You have such a great goth, romantic look here - love it! I adore that little horse purse too!

  5. Funny, we had the same weather in Cornwall a few weeks back :) at least your hair holds up beautifully in it! Unlike mine @_@

  6. I love how the theme of this outfit goes along with your surroundings. That purse is amazing.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  7. The first and last photos look ravishing! Amazing how Autumn hues suits you so perfectly^^ Everything about this post is beyond beautiful and romantic, very nostalgic and evocative :) x

  8. You always seem to match with whatever area that you go to! It's great! Especially here with the print on your dress.

    That clutch it too cute! I went to the website and saw the other bags and purses and they definitely have a nice selection!

  9. In addition to everything else, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the red handle of the umbrella. I would (consider) stealing it in a heartbeat--just kidding.

  10. I loved your tatoos on shoulder blades!


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