Redwoods Once Seen Leave A Mark

I came all the way to Northern Ireland to pose with American redwood trees, or so I joked in conversation earlier this week. Although, I'm not much of a hiker (or walker in general, a brief stroll is preferable to extended jaunts on foot) Thomas has been showing me loads of interesting places in his region and I got much more than my usual exercise exploring this park which featured these trees native to my own homeland. Shall we claim these trees as further evidence of the globalization of the world? If I'm really starving for the familiar though I'd find it more at McDonald's than this small forest which is more reminiscent of the west coast than Pennsylvania which I currently call home.

Outfit details:
*pictures by Thomas



  1. Awww... You look so pretty! And what an adorable autumn ensemble! Lovely blog!


  2. adorable photos!

  3. love those red skinnies!


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  4. I like that your red pants go with the trees :) I live in Northern California, so we have a wealth of gorgeous redwoods nearby. . . I should go visit them again soon. You're always making me want to go hiking, Ms. Clothes Horse!

  5. These photos are very Irish. The knit sweaters, the forest, the red pants. I've never seen the Redwoods, but they are on my "list."
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  6. You look so wonderfully cozy in that sweater and those jeans! I bet those trees were comfortable despite the hardness.


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