A Leopard Can Not Change His Spots

Curly hair looks so much better tousled than straight hair, no? With the windy weather we've had lately this is becoming my go-to style. It's always just fun to be able to do something with my hair again; your styling options are extremely limited when you have a pixie cut. This blouse is also becoming a go-to for me--it feels wonderful against my skin and layers so nicely under sweaters without adding bulk. My housemates have already commented on the frequency of wear, because at the end of most recent days I switch out of whatever I was wearing earlier in order to lounge in this blouse with a pair of shorts (over tights and socks naturally because our house is not that warm!). I remember getting teased in high school for repeating clothes; my closet wasn't that big and I would have favorite pieces that got worn often. Sitting in classes with students that had polo shirts in every color of the rainbow, my repeated pink and green striped sweater received some negative attention. That stigma of repeated clothes still remains--certainly I can "remix" my wardrobe but if you wear the same blouse twice or three times in a week, people start to comment. So as much as I might like to lapse into a literal uniform some days for the sake of social graces I promise to not wear this shirt too often...


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