Bread and Butter

A dress is my wardrobe staple; my bread and butter. Although bread and butter aren't actually a staple for me. A dress is more like that box of cereal I always have handy when more elaborate breakfast plans fall through, that favorite novel I re-read when a new book has disappointed me, or that brand of pen that makes drawing and writing to seem to flow more naturally from my hand. When I'm stressed or pressed for time I always end up on a dress, even when I want to just be cozy and lounge around the house I still end up defaulting to a dress. But you'd grow sick of your favorite author if you never read other books and you'd end up malnourished if you only ate cereal, so you mix things up. I tried wearing shorts and tights in college, but haven't worn the look in recent years and it was time to mix things up. Tights with shorts is very liberating; you have a larger range of motion than modesty allows in a dress and your movements are less restricted in tights than they are in too-tight jeans...


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