Business As Usual

The recent death of my computer's hard drive has me scrambling to maintain my routine. I suppose it is a good thing it decided to die while I was in the US rather than Ireland so I have ready access to an Apple store and the geniuses necessary to work a phoenix on my laptop. Still, I'm falling behind on posts and e-mails. I wish it was easier to unplug. My favorite moments in the day are usually when I'm away from my computer, right before or after I've taken pictures and I'm just alone in some beautiful place in nature without a specific task on my hands. Sometimes it's a bit of a trek back to my car and I can just walk at a relaxed pace and enjoy those moments of calm. Of course, part of the calm comes from knowing things are in order and I'm on track with my mental to-do list. Even with the same amount of tasks to complete or less due to an inability to complete them, the day feels more hectic when there is a missing tool and you're waiting for that call to drop what you're working on to pick up your hopefully resurrected electronic. Being without a computer for a few days should be an excuse for downtime and to re-prioritize time; to evaluate what sites or activities are time-wasters and how to be more efficient...but I never really succeed at that. Even without a choice, it's difficult to unplug.

Outfit details:
Zara jacket (similar)
secondhand scarf
old dress


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