Face In The Crowd

Hopefully you didn't spend today facing the crowds for Black Friday but if you did (I hope you got what you went out for!) perhaps you can relate to this series of photographs by Alex Prager aptly titled "Face in the Crowd." The work is for her first solo exhibition now on view at the Corcoran Gallery of Art based on the psychology of crowds. The large format prints (and short film featuring Elizabeth Banks) are rich with Prager's signature palette of retro hues and featuring impeccably costumed characters. The dramatic and seemingly stolen moments were elaborately staged in near movie-making conditions. Prager's own words on the project, "It just got me thinking about the two sides of a crowd. It can be a massive sea of strangers that become this anonymous cloud in your way. Or it can be all hundreds of beautiful special little individuals with their own experiential tracks. I mean, it’s very obvious that that’s what a crowd is but when you dig into that and look for that, it’s really beautiful."


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