Leaves Of Gold There Grew

I often have a mental image as to where I'm headed on a walk or to take pictures on a particular day; this of course is driven by a number of factors. One being, I'm alone so there's always a limitation as to places I feel safe wandering by myself especially depending on the hour--I can be out when it's still dark before dawn or when it's getting dark around sunset. Another factor is the fact that I'm a transplant here, there's only a handful of places I know and it's hard to discover new ones when you don't want to trespass on private property or get hopelessly lost. So, despite the pretty landscapes I manage to find, I often feel as if I keep going to the same spots again and again. Thankfully with the changing seasons even the familiar spots can be temporarily transformed. I didn't intend to take pictures by this lake today, but had intended to pass it on my way to another spot when I saw this beautiful blanket of ginkgo leaves (fun fact: ginkgo's are living fossils) covering the ground. It was so striking and lovely I altered my plans and snapped a few pictures; a welcome moment of spontaneity.

Outfit details:
Peter Jensen sweater (old, similar)
Zara purse



  1. Love the black.white shoes....very Twin Peaks¬! I loke taking picture of leaves as well...;)

    http://vodkaandarose.blogspot.co.uk Jess. x

  2. The clothes horse wearing a horse! =) The golden leaves are beautiful. It was a good call to stop by and take pictures.

  3. You, lady, have done something I've wanted to do all autumn but never managed to: take outfit pictures in heaps of Ginkgo leaves.
    It's my favourite autumn plant!
    Plus, the leaves compliment your outfit and hair!

  4. These pictures are beautiful and filled with grace. I like the casual way your hair looks and outfit has a lovely retro vibe.

    blue hue wonderland

  5. Summers just as cruel as winter ice or fire to burn or splinter arrives as swiftly as she turns with her perfumes and her fans
    in the air her fragrance lingers loving none, embracing numbers count the fluttering of wings countless as the sand that stings like the unforgiving sea
    swallows up transparently
    and gathers up in buried swells there is nothing she reveals embracing all, desired by numbers
    from the underworld remembers glistening on a sail the days
    she like a dancing shadow plays
    on the swiftly shifting ground growing nothing but to drowned
    out desires of yesteryear
    virtues she could never wear.

    I'm so interested in seasons and what they personify... been writing about them for a while now.


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