Tomboy Style

I'm not a tomboy. I used to wear jeans and tee shirts quite often, but I never enjoyed the activities one usually associates with the term. I do however I enjoy aspirational images of tomboys, so my current read/browse is Tomboy Style. As much as I need to declutter my bookshelves, especially as each move becomes more and more cumbersome and each new home more and more crowded, I'm quite addicted to collecting photography based books for inspiration. Last winter it was Andy Goldsworthy's Wall and Love on the Left Bank by Ed van der Elsken. I suppose they make good coffee table books, but I hoard them in my bedroom and pull them out whenever I want something visually powerful but also tactile in my hands. I always find a lot of inspiration online, but there is something different and more powerful when you see a large frame photograph in a exhibit or hold something more personal in your hands. As much blasphemy as it is, with a book in your hands you have the ability to dogear your favorite pages and underline phrases that affect you--and there's the experience of sharing a more visually driven book with a friend, skipping through to your favorite pages and adding personal anecdotes and explanations for why it appeals to you. Anyway, I'm a book addict and I recently acquired Tomboy Style but I still have a couple of more on my Christmas wishlist (Vivian Maier: Street Photography, Louise Dalh-Wolfe: A photographer's scrapbook, Avedon Fashion, DV by Diana Vreeland…).

Outfit details:
Family Affairs blouse
ASOS sweater (similar)
J Brand jeans (old, similar)
Zara purse



  1. I have the same attachment to books - it's so much more rewarding to open up a favorite, flip through it's pages, and run your fingers over the images you like! There's a whole other level of aesthetic choice on the part of the maker too that you don't get in a simple online gallery of photos - the finish of the paper, the formatting, the scale, the type, etc. I love how you've photographed your book laid out in the leaves, it's such a beautiful presentation. Do you use good reads? I'd love to see what other beauties stock your shelves!

    Haley Serrano

  2. Agreed. I love the tangible aspect of a great book. I'll have ebooks for tools, and techniques, learning about photography, or for reading a light novel, but for inspiration and creativity - nothing like the weight of it in your hand.


  3. I'm a big underliner and dog-ear-er. (Dogger of ears?)

    You look very cute even when you're not in a dress! I like the very Rebecca touches, like the shoes and the sweet blouse underneath

  4. It's so different seeing you in pants! it's a really cute outfit :) I know what you mean though, books are just so much better to read! Although I do like the internet for quick reading/browsing and when I just need to find something quickly

  5. love the pattern of that sweater!


  6. I work for a very digitally-focused group and so am alwaus having this argument with one of my co-workers who thinks books are dead. I think the physical thing is way better. We are tactile. We like to hold things, to look close and smell the pages. I too love art books. I can spend ages in the art section of a good bookshop flicking through the hefty hardback photography books.

    I love tomboy style and also victorian masculine themed outfits with suspenders and waistcoats. I wish I wore more things like that. I think the tomboy style really suits you.


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