Variety Is The Spice

Perhaps I should have saved yesterday's blog post title for today when I'm actually wearing a sweater, but I'm still not quite channeling a feral sweater child since my layers are minimal--this cozy sweater dress doesn't need further embellishment. Somewhat on the feral front, these pictures were taken inside an abandoned barn. I only know of a couple of abandoned places in Pennsylvania, so I'm always going to the same ones again and again, but I haven't gotten tired yet of the way the light seeps in through the the windows and the stillness inside them. I found a couple of pairs of old glasses inside this time and noticed a license plate nailed to the wall. We live in a very fast-paced culture that puts a lot of pressure on the new and different--why visit the same place twice when you can go somewhere new, why pick up a magazine unless it is going to show you something new; within fashion designers won't hire the same girl to open their runway show two seasons in a row or cast the same models in their advertising campaign. I get it to a degree, but I think there's merit to visiting and re-visiting places, even in photographing the same spot again and again. In repetition you learn to appreciate little details that previously slipped past your attention...

Outfit details:
Zara coat (similar)
Rachel Roy boots
Zara purse
*pictures by Jon


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