Femme Fatale

My cateye glasses make me feel like a femme fatale, or at least femme fatale lite. They never really cast petite, baby-faced girls like myself in film noirs as the femme fatale. We're usually regulated to someone's mixed up kid sister or daughter; I suppose we just don't have a face that reads potentially evil or at the least conniving. Oh well, we shall continue being wolves in sheep clothing…Still, I tried to somewhat dress the part of a noir lady by pulling out a pair lipstick red gloves and sticking to a minimal and dark palette. I didn't get a chance to watch many film noir movies in November (ahem Noirvember), but I did watch The Bletchley Circle which has a similar sort of ambiance and was quite well done. What movies have been inspiring you recently?


Carelia Moran said...

How gorgeous!! Your skirt is breathtaking. This is a very beautiful photoshoot.

Mixing plaids can be fun around Xmas…new post on

Sonya Mann said...

I enjoy that you took the film noir aesthetic and interpreted in a very Rebecca way. Those gloves are darling!

rififilles said...

I totally empathize, here's to baby-faced girls getting their fatale on! and I love those little red gloves.

Alice Wz said...
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Alice Wz said...

Theses glasses really suit you !

kiyaraartyspace.com said...

u ve a great blog...love ur style....its inspiring to see ppl around living upto their dream and passion...gives a boost..

ve started following you..


Nikki Williams said...

those gloves are so cute!



Indy said...

Those gloves just take the cake!

Lately I have been inspired by the casual 'day off' outfits in '80's films like Footloose and Flashdance. :)

seastarze said...

Watch Brick, You will love it... also Dark City.