Populaire tells the story of young woman dreaming of escaping her small town roots and living the life of a modern woman as a secretary…the problem is, she's a terrible secretary in regards to everything except her ability to type like a demon. Roses's speed typing skills soon win over her reluctant boss Louis and sets him on a scheme to train her into the fastest typist in the world which leads us to a series of typing competitions all on the road to infamy. Reminiscent of Rock Hudson-Doris Day romantic comedies down to the music, the romance in this film is similarly as questionable as that infamous pairing, but the charm and pure vintage eye candy carries the film through. Rose is a perfect ingenue, equal parts self-doubting and determined and Louise acts the perfect cynical counterbalance, who is wooed by Rose despite himself. In the end it was the art direction and costume design that kept me hooked through this film.


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