Seasons Ending

These pictures were taken on a much brighter day than we are experiencing today. Although I'm not certain I should appreciate the rain since it means there isn't ice on the streets but again that might all change by Sunday. It was a lovely, golden fall while it lasted and when I think about it a good year as well. It's not that I can remember many completely bad years, but this one has rather been the tops for various reasons...


Sienna Rose said...

I love your shoes, but they're a bit pricy for me. :(
I'm a big fan of lace-ups, brogues and vintage style shoes.

I wish I could take pictures of you as I love taking pictures of gorgeous people like you. :)

I wonder, who's your photographer?

Sienna xx

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

@Sienna, I take my own pictures most of the time--I took all of the pictures I posted for outfits this week. :)

Cess said...

That dress is so incredibly cute! The horse print is just really cute. I really like the photo with the leave in front of your eye... but yeah this is just a super adorable dress and outfit!



Danielle M. said...

I really love those shoes! They look great in every season. :)

Btw, I also really admire Dita Von Teese's style! She exudes a kind of warm sensuality and intelligent charisma, no matter what she is wearing.

Sonya Mann said...

You and your horse prints! The foliage is gorgeous :)

Nikki Williams said...

i love that dress!