Travel Fever

In my high school art class we had an assignment to make a trompe l'oeil message board; we could use a variety of mediums, pencil, markers, even transferring photographic images, but the final product had to be completely flat. I was working on it one afternoon in my room and my dad walked by and said it looked nice but didn't see why it was an art project, it just looked like a bunch of random things pinned to a poster board. He was surprised and I was pleased that the effect was working when I had him look closer and realize it was an optical illusion. It might be due to that assignment, but I still really like tromp l'oeil things--false vaulting on flat ceilings in old cathedrals, paintings escaping from their frames, and now Jump From Paper's line of bags that resemble cartoons. The bags are actually a strange mix of tromp l'oeil and comic properties; they look three-dimensional and wider than their physical width, but they also resemble flat, unreal objects. They're fun and graphic and a little outside of my usual style, but I couldn't resist the Travel Fever bag since a retro suitcase with country stickers is what I'd love to travel with.
P.S. I wore a nearly identical outfit last year in the same spot…funny how some things change and others remain the same.

Outfit details:
thrifted hat (similar)
Zara coat
J Crew shirt (old, similar)
pleated skirt (similar)
Seychelles wedges


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