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Previous outfit posts: onetwo, and three.

Previous outfit posts: onetwo, and three.

Two pieces I've worn (and photographed!) three different ways. The Batman tee is one of my favorites but since it often features in more casual outfits, I don't always document it for the blog. The pastel floral dress is one of my favorites since this summer, I like the balance of the softer colors with the leather-like bands at the collar and wrists. Both rather simple remixes, i.e. they're not styled vastly different each time but I do think it's important that the pieces that remain in your closet are pieces that get worn. I'm always working on weeding out those things that linger, but aren't getting worn.



  1. I really love your hair cut short in a pixie. It flatters your face and really suits you. I'm biased in favour of pixies and have one myself, but seriously. It looks great on you.

  2. I love the outfit with you wearing the pink/blue foral dress with black knee socks and saddle shoes. Your blue hair really works well with the photo. May I suggest though you wear white or light pink knee socks like these
    The black socks is sort of a harsh contrast to the outfit, but you look really lovely in it.

  3. that floral dress is perfect!


  4. Your photography is so remarkable, like really I'm overly jealous! As for the outfits, love them . where would you say your favorite place to shop is ?


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