The Twisting Schoolgirl

I think the fact that I've been researching Slyvie Vartan for a style crush post is abundantly evident in this outfit--at least if you focus on the styles she sported in the 60s. That's the thing about the 60s--school girl influences and things we consider juvenile looking now were completely hip. Wearing a peter pan collar and mary jane flats labeled you as a fashionista rather than infantile and inept. It's weird how often women who prefer this style or even other ones have to defend their intelligence or maturity, when the popular opinion of what is ok to wear is a constantly shifting fad. Anyway, that's sort of beside the point and there will be a lot of big hair and pleated skirt inspiration on Friday afternoon. My hair style couldn't quite survive the wind we're experiencing and I was a bit more "shivering schoolgirl" than la collégienne du twist...

Outfit details:
Good Night Day scarf
Zara coat (similar)
vintage dress
ASOS book clutch (old)
*pictures by Jon


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