Happy Birthday To Me!

It's my birthday today! I turn twenty-seven years old and am quite happy with life at the moment. I'm also taking a break from freezing my bum off in outdoor pictures for these fun shots a friend helped me take with a projector and some select images of space from NASA. I don't usually do much for my birthday--last year I was working as a chaperone and never got a chance to celebrate it at all. Even when I do celebrate it's usually low-key and I wear this sequin dress. I know some people like a new, special outfit to celebrate their birthday in, but once I found this dress I was pretty happy to wear it for nearly every special occasion. I wore it for a birthday evening with my family several years ago and I'll wear it on Friday (weather permitting) when I go out with my friends. Anyway for today I'm being a bit lazy and waiting out another snow storm.


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