Oh For A Draught Of Vintage

I'm not much of a vintage-wearer or buyer these days--hunting down good vintage has always been an investment of time but as buyers and shops get more savvy it also means an investment of money as the price has started to rise. When I first started wearing vintage in high school I could find amazing dresses for $8, but now those same dresses are nearly impossible to find for less than $40. Still, I've acquired a few pieces over the years that aren't going anywhere.
My vintage cardigan comes from a misadventure in Portland, OR. A few years ago I was trying to move back out to the west coast and a couple of friends from college were on board to move with me; we discussed locations and our price range for an apartment and being assured of their seriousness about moving I booked a plane ticket to Portland to look at apartments…A short time before my flight my friends informed me that they were not actually ready to move. Luckily my mother had the freedom to travel with me so a weekend apartment-hunting turned into a weekend exploring Portland just for kicks--it was almost a goodbye to the West Coast realizing that as much as I wanted to I wouldn't be moving back there anytime soon. Part of my visit involved seeing as many vintage stores as possible and I snagged this cardigan (which also had a matching men's one) before I flew back home.
My dress was merely a find on Etsy, no interesting story there, but my belt was acquired when I studied abroad in Japan. Although most of my clothes come from online shops today, it's still nice to have some clothes with a story behind them--dresses that take you back to a very specific time. Of course, there's always the memories you make in the clothes as well.

Outfit details:
vintage cardigan
vintage dress
vintage belt
Zara purse
*pictures by Jon


Lonka said...


Rebecca Jane said...

Every library post is my favourite. Love this!

C said...

I love the outfit and the scene so much!

The books really compliment the outfit and vice versa, haha :)



Isabella said...

More dreamy library pictures! :) I love this combination, and how each item has its own unique details.

Do you still think you'd like to move to the West Coast? I've been thinking about it lately, but don't know when I'd be able to make it work.


Katie Lee said...

So cute!


Hanie said...

Omg I love the pictures so much! I've always wanted to take pictures like this in a library and this is something like I visioned. :D


Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

@Isabella, I'd like to end up on the West Coast again eventually but if I moved anywhere right now it would be to Northern Ireland.

bestie said...

the photos, outfit and words in this post are lovely as usual (vintage rulez!), but what really made my heart melt was your response about moving to ireland.

oh, love. (:

Isabella said...

@Rebecca - That sounds beautiful.

Anonymous said...

gosh, these books look beautiful! what's the name of this library?! i really must give it a drop-by!

Alexandra Marie said...

Love those shoes! Always adore your library shoots! Alex


chantilly said...

totally... i used to love vintage because it was cheap... seriously, i used to find $3 dresses at savers all the time! now, i feel like it's priced itself out of its own market... sadly, people would rather find similar items at forever 21 for cheaper.


Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

@Chantilly, Agreed. I think the problem is that clothes are either an investment in time or money. Finding a vintage dress that actually fits takes a lot of time, so it needs to be cheaper because I can't justify a huge hunt to find a perfect dress and know it's going to cost me a pretty penny when I can find a similar dress quicker and cheaper.

Rachel Dahl said...

I think the one item that carries the whole look is the sweater, and that's the item that has the most meaning behind it!

Goodwill and other thrift stores do their research now online to see the value of their items, and they not only set their items aside to price them higher but some of them put them up on auctions. It's okay I guess, because these places are for profit anyway, but it really destroys the fun for all of us thrift hunters.

Nikki Williams said...

love this dress!!



Foxburrow Vintage said...

I just love your blog. You have such a fun fashion sense, and a wonderful eye for combinations. And when I read that you ALSO studied abroad in Japan I had to comment. I loved my time there, and some of the clothes I bought I just can't let go of.