Outerwear Addict

This winter I have been extremely grateful for all the coats I've acquired through the years. Like this one I've had for at least three winters now--I haven't worn it much this winter but it was so nice to be able to pull something different out of my closet that would still keep me warm. A coats wardrobe seems excessive but when it means I only buy one or two (often on sale off-season) a year and hang on to the others, it ends up being rather reasonable and definitely helps when winter won't go away. It snowed again yesterday and that just goes on top of our old snow which hasn't had a chance to melt away…meanwhile most of my fantasy virtual shopping revolves around swimsuits I can't even imagine wearing but temporarily transport my mind to warmer climates...

Outfit details:
UO headband
Tulle coat (old)
cardigan ℅ Modcloth
Rachel Antonoff dress
Modcloth tights
Seychelles boots (old, similar)
*pictures by Jon



  1. I love printed coats, especially with a contrasting outfit. You're rocking this one. Also, your neighborhood looks absolutely enchanting.

  2. that jacket is gorgeous!! love the color!



  3. these shots are beautiful! if you dont mind me asking, what lens do you use (especially for these pictures?)


  4. these photos are gorgeous!! i also love the printed coat!


  5. That coat is such a gorgeous colour!

  6. @Rachael Dobbins, 85mm--don't worry about asking but it is all in my FAQ

  7. I too am an "outerwear addict," although it is sad because I live in California so that just means having a lot of unnecessary coats take up space in my closet, since I can only wear them a few times a year. My most recent purchase was a vintage Persian lamb fur coat--had no idea what it was till after I purchased it!

  8. Thank you for sharing such cute clothing and for the pretty pictures. http://thewomanspost.com/fashion-trends/


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