Rolling With The Punches

One thing about February birthdays is learning to roll with the punches. As a kid I had sleepovers that ended up with ice storms trapping friends at my house for longer than intended. Most of my post-college years I've been working through February either at NYFW or some other temporary or freelance position that meant I was away from friends and crazy busy. This year there's been too much going on to get away and our latest bout of bad weather through a wrench in even my more basic birthday plans. I wanted to visit the art museum in Philadelphia, which is a not too long drive or train ride from me…but icy tracks meant the trains weren't running and ice storms had left my car frozen into its spot. So, plans changed; a day trip to Philly turned into an afternoon at the arcade and a movie from Redbox.

Outfit details:
UO bomber (old, similar)
ASOS shirt  (old, similar)
thrifted skirt (similar)
*pictures by Jon



  1. Oh I love these pictures, how fun!

  2. My bday is February 6--the day before yours--so I TOTALLY feel you. But I have also learned to love the fact that NYFW usually starts on or near my bday. I also share my bday with some really fun celebs and because my bday is so close to V-Day (as is my husband's) we can get away with not celebrating it!

  3. i love these photos!! so adorable.

  4. Pic 5 looks like you have a halo :)

  5. your hair looks so cute like that!



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