Skin Routine

My skin is far from perfect, but I do receive a number of questions about my skin routine and I feel the key is hydration. It starts internally, i.e. my skin always looks better when I'm drinking lots of water and I can see an immediate change when I drink too much soda. I've been using Clinique's 3 Step Acne Solutions since I was a teenager and it's still my nightly routine after a shower. I'm not as particular with what lotion I use, but rather focus on making sure I apply lotion every night before bed and every morning before I apply makeup; right now I'm using St. Ives. Once it starts getting cold and the air gets dry I add argan oil into my routine at night; I just apply a few drops directly to my skin in more problem areas like my forehead.
P.S. This video shows my make-up routine; I still mostly use the same products and just wear more lipstick in winter.


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