Style Crush: Peony Lim

Peony Lim is another style inspiration I've discovered thanks to street fashion blogs; people often act as if street fashion photographers are snapping different people every day but when you pay attention you see the same faces again and again. Unlike most street fashion favorites though Peony Lim isn't an editor; she started getting snapped while studying for a degree in Art History at Courtauld in London and quickly graduated to her current job as blogger and brand consultant. For me her job is less interesting than her clothes since it is the fashion I'm admiring not what she does while wearing it! What I like about Lim's style is her eclectic mix, she's ladylike one day, casual the next, and able to make a huge range of silhouettes work. I also enjoy her use of accessories--creative scarves are her signature, but I love her oversized spike headband, fun glasses, and broad range of fascinators. 


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