Vagabond Shoes

I'm in the middle of driving to Kansas for a family visit. I scheduled a few posts in advance to save some of my stress while traveling only to find last night in a brief respite after nine hours of driving I intended to use towards answering e-mails, that today's post had mysteriously disappeared. Quite strange and it meant no rest for the weary but a re-upload, organize of pictures, and re-finding of appropriate links for clothes--all on an incredibly slow internet connection that made everything take twice as long as it normally would. Traveling is so fun, no? Anyways, sorry there isn't much to report here other than a list of grievances but it's frustrating to work really hard other evenings to get things done in advance only to have to re-do everything when you're short on time and patience. Let's hope I have better luck with my afternoon posts and tomorrow's as well!

Outfit details:
Seams to Be scarf
Anthropologie jacket
Gap shirt (old)
thrifted skirt (similar)
Modcloth tights
saddle shoes
Asian iCandy purse


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