Bigger Is Better

When you're petite much fashion advice is pushed at you about keeping things in proportion. For example, I'm always advised towards dainty jewelry, smaller eye glass frames, and even more delicate prints rather than big, bold statement pieces. It's good advice, I suppose, but sometimes you want that big, obnoxious necklace and the frame shape you like is large. So, today I'm wearing frames I've been advised again and my most obnoxious necklace. Fashion is supposed to be fun.



  1. Fashion IS supposed to be fun! Here, here! Love those glasses, getting ready to buy myself a big pair this week. Big and colorful!

  2. psshaw, i agree. where what you want (i mean, hopefully most things fit proportionately...). i'm only 5'1 and i wear the biggest prints i want! i've never been one for dainty jewelry either. i like big costume rings.

    and now i have that happy pharrel song in my head :P

  3. so cute!!! you look beyond adorable!!

  4. i love that dress! the structure is perfect!


  5. It's so interesting to me how popular glasses have become bigger again recently. I found an old pair of glasses of mine recently and they were so small that I didn't even recognise them at all.

  6. I totally agree, fashion should be FUN, and it's important to mix things up from time to time. Love those glasses and that necklace!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  7. Fashion rules are more like general guidelines for the average person. Being fashionable is about being confident enough to break those rules. Personally I love those huge glasses on you!

  8. Gorgouys style , you look very stylish

  9. You've got the Buddy Holly glassses! They look awesome, and so does the outfit!


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